Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day 51 - the MAIN Reasons for the start of World War I leading to the start of WWII

History Minute - Josh - Germany Surrenders in WWII  Video

1. MAIN reasons for WWI - please take Cornell style note on the video
2. Completed Note

3. Why Go to War in 1914?: Image note

4.  Flipped Classroom:
     The 21 Year Buildup to WWII

Day 50 - More Intro to War, Peace & Revolution

1.  Pearson and Peace: This unit is about more than just war.

History Minute: Mack - postponed

2. Please take a Cornell style note on this presentation.

3. Using your note you will answer a question at the very end of the presentation on the topic of  "Importance of Pearson to peace in the world."

Monday, April 27, 2015

Day 49 - Introduction to War, Peace & Revolution

1.  HM:  Tristen

2.  Title Page:  Unit 3: War, Revolution and Peace

3:  Saving Private Ryan - Opening D-Day Landing Scene

4.  Introduction

5.  Pearson and Peace: This unit is about more than just war.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Day 48 - YOUR History Minute of the Day

You will create one History Minutes of the Day much like what we've done almost daily to this point in the course.

You will present yours on your assigned dates.

1. Name and explain an event that happened between the years 1914 - 2014 on the same calendar day that you are presenting - e.g. if you present April 29 then you do a History Minute for an event that happened on an April 29 from 1914 until 2014

2. Show a video (YouTube) of five minutes or less on your event.

3. 8 - 10 dot-jot facts of your event (numbers, stats, location, etc.)

4. Write a discussion question that will generate and inspire discussion among our class. 

5. Write a 5 sentence (or longer) paragraph outlining the IMPORTANCE / SIGNIFICANCE of your event to the broader context of history in the 21st Century.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 46 & 47 - Women's Rights in Canada

History Minute - April 21, 1963 - Beatles and Stones meet for the first time.

Please go to this webpage on the History of Women's Rights in Canada and work in your groups as assigned.

Prepare a 3 minute presentation to outline the Human Rights Issue that made headline news in the years indicated.

1900  Quinn 1951  Tristen
1903 1952
1907 1953
1914  Richard 1956  Max
1916  Michael 1962  Cam &  Nick
1917 Zach
1918 1964  Brennan
1920  Mack
1922 1982  Josh
1928  Emma & Emily 1987  Noah
1929  1989
1940  Brandon 1999  Ryan

Slide 1.  Focus on the main legal / rights issue.  Name the issue.

Slide 2.  Explain the issue using the 5Ws and How?

Slide 3. How was the issue resolved?  Who won, who lost?

Slide 4. What does it mean for human rights in Canada, in particular Women's Rights?

Everyone will be required to note some of the important issues raised in everyone else's presentations.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015