Credible Research Sources

How Credible Are Your Sources?

Why do we need to be cautious of the information we read on the Internet? Isn’t everything we read online grounded in some form of truth? The Internet and Social Media have given us the opportunity to make our ideas and opinions easily accessible to people all across the world. Unfortunately, not all that is posted can be considered truthful or “credible”.

To test the credibility of a source ask these questions:

For a source to be credible, it must be considered trustworthy, reliable, and accurate. The advantage of using these sources is that they help strengthen any argument, regardless of the topic or position taken. Thus, finding the right sources plays a major role in crafting good history writing.

1. Is the author of this source respected in their field of study? Can you google their name to find the institution they are based at? Do they cite other sources to support what they have written?

2. How recent is the source? Some historical fields of study, like the Second World War, are more popular to research than others, and experiences frequent contributions to its body of literature. Using recently written sources ensure you have the most accurate information to base your research on.

3. What is the author’s purpose? Does the author only provide one specific view of the topic? Some authors can have a certain agenda in mind when writing, and could purposely leave out important information that does not support their argument.

Here is a list of websites that are credible. These sites are affiliated with national museums, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations - all of which employ experts who are knowledgeable in the fields of Canadian history and the World Wars to write articles for you to reference.

BBC History Knowledge & Learning


Canadian History Databases - Then/Hier

Canadian War Museum

Government of Canada Archives

Library of Canada / Archives

Archives of Canada "Framing Canada"

Veterans Affairs Canada

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