Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 42: Prep for guest speaker

1.  HM:  Clinton wins: 1992
How does an election of a new US president change politics, economics and the security of Canada?

2.  In small groups, spend 15 minutes discussing these questions.  Be prepared to share as a class afterwards.

  • Which character in Schindler's List made your heart ache?  Why?
  • What event in the movie surprised you?  Explain why.
  • What could Schindler have done to save more people?
  • How does the death of Goeth make up for some of his actions?  Or does it all?
  • Why do we need to learn, teach and talk about the holocaust still today?
3.  Class discussion of questions above.

4.  Video: this is our speaker today Elly Gotz

5.  On the provided cue cards, write 2 questions that you have for our holocaust survivor today.  Get a friend to check them over to ensure they are relevant.

6.  Share the questions you have written with the class.  As a class choose 5 you would like him to answer today.

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