Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 12 (Feb 19) Innovation cont'd, Space Race, Economics, Innovation Wrap Up!

1. History Minute - Oklahoma City Bombing

2.  Title Page: Science and Technology
3.  Introduction: Inventions on a deserted island
4.  Discussion question: What are, in your opinion, the 3 main reasons inventions are created?
5.  Video: 10 Canadian Inventions
     While watching the video, take notes on key inventions, inventors and dates.
     In your opinion, which one is most significant to your personal history?  To Canadian history?  To global history?  Why?
6.  The Economics of Invention
7.  YoutubeFunnyIntro       Cornell Note: Introduction
8.  1920's-30's: Video from 0:00 - 17:27
     Cornell Note
9.  Introduction to Chris Hadfield
     Article: Chris Hadfield and the Space Race
     Cornell Note

10.  To answer the questions that follow, please consider your note on these three items:
a) Economic Cycle - Growth, Boom, Recession, Depression
b) Canada during the Great Depression
c) Chris Hadfield and Canadian involvement in the Space Race and high technology.

Questions to Answer:
Part 1: Name 10 similarities (economic) discussed in the Depression video and the Chris Hadfield article.

Part 2:. Name and explain FIVE ways that the Great Depression led to new inventions.

Part 3: Name and explain FIVE ways that the Space Race has led to new inventions.

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