Tuesday, October 6, 2015

All Candidate Debate

Rush  -  The Trees

HM: P1 Mallory and Lindsay - Battle of Loos
P1(b) Carson and Jon - Pegasi

Period 2: Carmen and Alyssa
Will and Dawson

Nicole Bija – Grade 10
Comment est-ce que votre parti planifie d’améliorer la pauvreté au Canada?
Ang : How does your party plan on improving poverty in Canada?
Jessie Hayward – Grade 10
Est-ce que vous êtes pour ou contre la légalisation de la marijuana au Canada et pourquoi?
Ang : Are you for or against the legalization of marijuana and why?
Kieran Mullin – Grade 12
Dans votre opinion, quel est le problème social le plus important au Canada?
Ang : In your opinion, what is Canada’s most important social problem/concern?
Erin Collins – Grade 11
Est-ce que vous planifié de réduire le cout de scolarité pour l’université/collège?
Ang : Do you plan on reducing tuition costs for university and college?  
Connor  Crowe– Grade 11
Est-ce que vous pensez que le Canada devrait joindre la guerre contre Isis?
Ang : Do you think Canada should join the war against ISIS?
Chanté Burnett – Grade 12
Est-ce que les problèmes d’environnement sont votre priorité?
Ang : Are environmental problems your top priority?
Malcolm Davidson – Grade 12
Que sont vos croyances envers l’euthanasie?
Ang : What are your beliefs on euthanasia?
Emily Ashe – Grade 10
Comment allez-vous améliorer les opportunités pour le travaille bénévolat pour les élèves de l’école secondaire?
Ang : How will you improve volunteer opportunities for high school students?
Victoria McCutcheon – Grade 10
Je fais parti de MYAC et alors je veux savoir qu’est-ce que vous allez faire pour engagé les adolescents dans la communauté?
Ang : I’m a member of MYAC and I would like to know how you plan on engaging teenagers more in the community?
Corporate Tax Ben A. = "Ontario's corporate tax rate for small business is 11% and federally it's 15%.  Would you change the corporate tax rate federally and why would you do it, what effect would it have on jobs and the economy?"

Immigration Yitzchak = "What is your plan to accept refugees from war-torn countries in the middle East, particularly from Syria?  How many refugees should Canada accept?"

Marijuana  Jon = "Marijuana is a hot topic for many young people.  How would you change existing marijuana laws to better fit with growing public opinion on decriminalizing marijuana?

ISIS/Terrorism  Cheyanne I. = "Canada is currently part of a coalition of countries bombing ISIS targets in Syria.  How do you plan to keep fighting ISIS and other terrorist threats in the world?"

Oil Development and the Environment   Chris = "

Ocean degradation  Lawson = "Canada has a huge ocean fishery but the resources are running out.  How will you ensure the future of sustainable ocean resources?"

Greenhouse Gases   Brian S.  = "The earth is warming.  Canada is one of the worst offenders per capita of producing greenhouse gases.  How do you plan to fight climate change?"

Aging Population  Lawson = "How will you sustain Canada's aging population?"

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