Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 28-32: Project

1.  HM: will resume once the film is complete

2.  Once the film is complete, in small groups, spend 15 minutes discussing these questions.  Be prepared to share as a class afterwards.
  • Which character in Schindler's List made your heart ache?  Why?
  • What event in the movie surprised you?  Explain why.
  • What could Schindler have done to save more people?
  • How does the death of Goeth make up for some of his actions?  Or does it at all?
  • Why do we need to learn, teach, and talk about The Holocaust still today?
3.  Class discussion of questions above.

4.  Project: please read all information about the project and look at the rubric.  While we encourage you to use VISME you do not have to.  You may complete this entire assignment using google (docs, presentation, spreadsheets).

You will have 3 class periods to work on this assignment.  Chromebooks have been signed out for Wed, Thurs, Fri and Mon (for classes who do not start the project until Thursday).

1. PARAGRAPH - why did WWI start and why did Canada join?
2. THREE STATISTICS about WWII (regarding causes or casualties or combat).
3. PARAGRAPH - about why these three statistics are significant or important in Canada's involvement in the war (worth knowing about).
4. THREE Videos - one each about Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, Canadian soldiers in a UN peacekeeping mission, and Canadian soldiers returning home from a 1990s or later conflict.
5. SIX dotjots for each video about what you learned from the video.
6. PARAGRAPH - your opinion on the question, "Is War Ever Justified?"
7. Bibliography - all of the sources that you used.

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